January 30, 2011

5 Things to Know When Starting a Blog

A blog is an abbreviated word for weblog. It is a web-based journal in which people can publish their thoughts and opinions on the Internet. Blogging is an interesting and rewarding career path nowadays. You can use free or paid host serving to begin a blog. You just need to have a flair for being able to read and write well. To start a blog is easy but to maintain a blog is the most difficult part. Follow the tips below to make every effort you put into your blog worthwhile. Determine the answers to the 5 questions below:

What is your use?

Decide if you want to focus on company branding, or perhaps differentiating your services by writing about your specific expertise or perhaps carrying out market research. Read other blogs and sites to gain some useful knowledge and to avoid future problems.

Who would you want to read it?

The best types of business blogs are specific in nature. Determine who you are writing for, then you should be able to write things that are going to interest them. Write about topics that interest you. They might be unpopular in the beginning but if you know what you are writing you will grab the attention of the reader and provide endless fresh ideas too. Competition in blogging is tough so be prepared that if your topic does not intrigue the reader, he will move away from it. You can keep your blog open to any Internet visitor or you can just keep it open for your friends and family to be able to read it. Most blog sites offer the service of password-protect so that your published posts are open to only those who you approve of.

Where to run your blog?

Decide whether you want to have run your blog on your own website or run it from a separate domain. If it complements and is related to what you have on your website then integrate it with your website. On the other hand, if you want to take a different stance in your blog which does not coincide with your main website, then you can use a different domain.

How much time will you spend on it?

Blogging requires time. You will keep on writing posts but even maintain the quality of what you produce as well. Plan how much time you are willing to dedicate to your blog and how much you can easily afford to give.

What do you want your blog to achieve?

What is your target? What do you want the return on investment to be? Measure the results and decide on the criteria and target you wish to achieve.

By: Sohaib Hassan
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