November 30, 2009

DISQUS comments in Blogs

The essence of a blog is not only the rich ideas and content it publishes but on how blog readers react to the blog posts. Hence, all blogs have the commenting feature. Blog comments are sometimes hard to manage and control and most often than not, blog comments are plain and simple boxed of textual comments posted by blog readers.

But thinking about it deeper, how can you possible enliven the appearance, the interaction and all the features of blog comments? Disqus, a new web service believes that blog comments can still be repackaged and presented in nicer and appealing ways.

Disqus provides you with a better way of attracting blog readers to start thread conversations in blog posts. It enables the post to be more interactive and manageable and it presents blog comments in a nicer, web 2.0ish way.

To help you entice your readers to comment on your posts, you can encourage them to use their identity. Every readers and commenters of your blog are given with their own unique profiles. With this profile, you can easily view a reader’s discussion history and clout across all blogs.

As a value-added feature, Disqus allows users to receive and reply to blog posts’ discussion through their email or mobile phone. Honestly, I can’t seem to get what Disqus wants to do with blog comments and why the company would want to have our blogs’ comment hosted on their page. Probably for increase pageviews of their site?

Here are some of the benefits of using Disqus on a blog.

10 Reasons To Replace Default Comment System With DISQUS

1. Post Comment With Twitter, Facebook or OpenID

Most important feature of Disqus is that viewers can post a comment with their Twitter ID, Facebook ID, OpenID or Disqus ID. In any way there is facility for posting comments using traditional way of Name, Email, Website input.

2. Give Maximum Exposure To Commentators

Those who will post a comment on your blog will get maximum exposure in way like their profile with details like recent comments, blog URL etc will be visible on a single click. Other visitors may land to their pages and know about their activities in recent times.

3. Create Community Of Your Blog

Once you will install Disqus on your blog, a community page will get created with URL as where people can find post with excerpt from your blog and post comment from there only. Checkout or you can also check to know more about community page.

4. Trackback Link Sharing

You can see an option to copy URL for trackbacks for a page in disqus comment section. This may help others to provide trackback to your blog.

5. No Need For CommentLuv Or Like Plug-in

As there is already so much exposure for commentators then you don’t need CommentLuv or any other plugin like that to show off other’s articles.

6. No Need For Spam Filter Plug-in Like Akismet

As Disqus is having internal installation of Akismet thru which they will filter spam posted on your blog. You just need to provide API Key of Your Akismet so that they can use that for filtering spam.

7. Comment Moderation Without Logging To Dashboard

Disqus is accessible from anywhere, you just need to login to with your disqus ID and then you can select your already listed blog from there. Start moderating comments from there only, you don’t need to login to your Wordpress Dashboard for moderating comments or changing any setting for that.

8. Import Older Comments From Database To Disqus

If you are going to install Disqus on your blog today, then import your older comments as well so that you can also show off those comments in Disqus way. Go to the “Advance Option” available on top and then click on “Import” option to get all your comments from Wordpress database to Disqus.

9. Show Social Media Reactions In Comments

You can show twits about your post and Friendfeed, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube reactions. You can also show Video Comments from Seesmic to give comments section a new dimension.

10. Good Looking Comment Thread

Disqus is having three templates for showing comments and they are Regular, Narrow and Spacious and all of them are really nice. You can have a preview of these templates just above the template option so that you can check which one will suit your need.

Disqus supports various blogging platforms including Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Movable Type, Tumblr and Yahoo. It can be used by any kind of blogs as well as newspaper or website. Disqus are hosted on the Disqus server. You can choose export your Disqus and put in to any of your sites or blogs. And don’t worry about search engines not crawling your blog’s comments, because Disqus provides an API which is recognized by search engines. Ok, yes your blog/sites can still be search in search engines.


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